Generating quality MSP leads online. Protecting your clients with a strong security plan. Understanding how to make your MSP stand out. These were just a few of the topics discussed on our blog this month that resonated most with readers.

Check out our roundup below of the top five MSPblog posts of March to explore the key themes buzzing in the MSP community right now!

How to Generate MSP Leads Online, Even if Nobody is Going to Your Website


Getting people to actually visit your site (we refer to this as “traffic generation”) is a topic in and of itself, and it’s something I’ve covered extensively in the past. But even if your website DID happen to be a traffic generating machine, that STILL shouldn’t be the only opportunity you’re using to get people to reach out and make contact with you. In this post, explore three different ideas to that end.



Explaining "Incident Response" to Your Clients [VIDEO]


79 percent of small businesses today do not have an incident response plan, leaving them ill-prepared for advancing cyber attacks—especially since there is currently a lack of in-house security expertise. That leaves the responsibility to proactively build an effective incident response plan on the MSP, and requires the right tools, processes and communication.



If You Want to Build a Brand for Your MSP, You Need to Offend People


Recently, I was going through a “brand discovery” process with a new client—the same process I’ve been doing for years. One of this client’s top MSP marketing priorities was to relaunch their website in a bold and striking way, so naturally one of our priorities quickly became nailing down their messaging.

When it comes to building a successful brand, you need to shock your audience—make them see things from a different perspective. This post explains why it's okay if your marketing "offends" people. 



How to Differentiate Yourself in a Growing Competitive MSP Landscape [Part 1: Soft Differentiators]


In 2018, Managed Services alone accounted for $43B in annual revenue. Further, the total serviceable SMB market accounted for 7 million businesses, but only ten percent of that serviceable market is actually served by IT Service Providers today. This provides a huge opportunity for MSPs to gain additional market share and box out your competition. But how do you go about doing this?



Why Security Awareness Training is an MSP's Secret Weapon


If your clients rely solely on antivirus, most likely soon rather than later, they’ll be facing their own cyber security nightmare. As threats become more sophisticated, as trusted advisors of SMBs, MSPs need to start thinking of more advanced endpoint and network protection to mitigate and remediate the innovative threats. But, secure measures don’t stop there either. One of the most common points of entry for cyber attacks on businesses is through employees.


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