The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of May 2017

Can you believe that the end of the quarter is right around the corner? As we commemorate May and look towards hitting our June goals, let’s revisit the best content provided on the MSP Blog this past month! 

It’s no surprise that IT security continues to be top-of-mind for most managed services providers (MSPs). Also included in this month's roundup, discover how you can leverage visual statistics to boost your sales and marketing efforts, how to build a team of top IT talent, and how you can optimize your client onboarding experience for long-term success. Check out all of this and more in our most popular posts below!

20+ Charts You Can Use in Your Sales & Marketing Efforts: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]


Posted by Brandon Garcin on May 1, 2017

Data visualization is a great way to leverage statistics, market research and important metrics in your marketing and sales collateral. The right graphics can help augment any text or bullets you’re leveraging, and sourcing data from well-known research firms and groups is a great way to build the use case for your managed services offerings. In this special one-year anniversary episode of The Weekly Byte, we dive into this topic and offer access to 20+ charts you can instantly download and leverage in your own efforts!

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The Top 5 IT Security Skills SMBs Need in 2017 [CHART]


Posted by Lily Teplow on May 5, 2017

Cybersecurity is not a new concept, but it is taking on new importance this year. Today’s digital organizations are driven by new technology and dependent on orderly data, and everyday life seems to be increasingly happening on top of connected infrastructures. The risks posed by cybersecurity attacks are monumental, but to mitigate those risks, new skills are needed.

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Making Your Way to $10M: 5 Questions for Building a Team of Top Talent


Posted by Peter Melby on May 11, 2017

Talent retention seems simple: hire qualified people, treat them well, pay them fairly, and they’ll stay for life, right? Well, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Finding and retaining top talent is a hot topic, especially in IT market. As my MSP business has reached the $10 million mark, I’ve learned that how you approach talent can either drive your business’ success or lead to its failure. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground. If you want to set your business up for success and become a $10 million MSP, you need to focus on nurturing and retaining your rising stars. So, where can you start?

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Orange Is the New Hack: 3 Cybersecurity Lessons for MSPs


Posted by Meaghan Moraes on May 2, 2017

Hype surrounding the Netflix original series, Orange Is the New Black, got several shades darker this past weekend when a hacker literally stole the show. The hacker, who goes by “thedarkoverlord,” obtained and shared the first ten episodes of the coming season of Orange Is the New Black on Saturday after Netflix failed to meet their ransom requests.

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What Is Your Client Onboarding Experience? (Hint: If You Don't Know, You're Doing It Wrong)


Posted by Nicole Hunter Hart on May 4, 2017

Did you know that it is six to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one? As a managed services provider (MSP), you know this first hand. Finding and closing a new client deal takes time and money, and that’s before you’ve even factored in onboarding! Many businesses are under the impression that acquiring and adding new clients is what keeps them successful. While this is a factor, in reality, a long-term client is of much more value than a single-deal client. When you focus your attention on existing clients and retaining them for a longer lifecycle, you’ll be able to build a revenue foundation that is more profitable and predictable. Let’s take a deeper look into how you can do just that.

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