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Scalability, Cybersecurity & Cloud Services: Three eBooks to Support MSP Growth in 2017

Posted February 21, 2017by Brandon Garcin

Three-eBooks-to-Support-MSP-Growth-in-2017.pngThe managed IT services industry is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest changes, trends and best practices. Today, things like cloud computing, an increasingly-complex cybersecurity landscape and other pressures are forcing MSPs to rethink their approach to service delivery, sales and marketing, and other key aspects of the business.

To help you stay ahead of the curve and set yourself up for success in 2017, we’ve compiled three of our most popular eBooks. Check them out below!

Explaining the Cloud to Your ClientsExplainingCloud-BDR2.png

As an MSP, you’ve likely got a good handle on what the cloud is—but do your clients and prospects understand it? This eBook will teach you how to explain the origin, evolution and business value of cloud computing to your clients in a way that’s digestible and relevant to them. Inside, you’ll discover how to answer questions about security in the cloud, the difference between public, private and hybrid environments, and more!

Click here to download your copy of Explaining the Cloud


Scaling for Success: The MSP Guide to Operational EfficiencyScaling-for-Success-Book-Cover-2 copy-4.png

While no two MSPs are exactly alike, there are a number of distinct challenges and difficulties that service providers face when attempting to scale their business to new heights. This eBook offers an overview of three of these challenges—dealing with noisy technology, inefficient service delivery, and the IT skills gap—and explores how Continuum’s model is uniquely-positioned to help overcome them. Download your copy now and discover how to take your MSP business to the next level!

Click here to download your copy of Scaling for Success


Cybersecurity Tips for Employees: The Complete Guide to Secure Behavior Online and in the OfficeCybersecurity-Tips-for-Employees-Flat-3D-Render-11-3.png

Modern security threats and risks are increasing both in volume and complexity, and it’s never been more important to properly educate your clients, end users and even employees to ensure they’re adhering to appropriate processes and following best practices. This eBook explores the state of cybersecurity—including physical threats and precautions, email-driven scams and phishing attacks, username and password management, and more. Download your copy today to ensure you have the information, statistics and talking points required to effectively discuss today’s cybersecurity landscape!

Click here to download your copy of Cybersecurity Tips for Employees


Bonus Offer: Looking for more content that you can leverage to win new business? Download your business continuity content pack below to get access to white-label datasheets, marketing resources and other collateral you can use to sell more backup and disaster recovery!


Brandon Garcin is Continuum's Director of Content Marketing, and is responsible for the creation and execution of a variety of resources designed to win new business and support existing customer accounts. He has authored more than a dozen eBooks which have generated thousands of downloads, and has consulted with hundreds of Continuum partners to help improve their marketing and lead generation efforts through website optimization and content development. Brandon is also the host of The Weekly Byte, a video and audio series produced by Continuum that provides quick, digestible tips and best practices that MSPs can use to help their business succeed.

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