Top Takeaways from Microsoft Inspire 2018

Last week, some of the Continuum team and I went down to Las Vegas to attend Microsoft Inspire 2018. It was a great couple of days full of networking and learning opportunities. In this post, I’d like to share my top takeaways and the key themes I noticed while at Microsoft Inspire this year.

Continuum at Microsoft Inspire

With about 18,000 attendees from 132 countries, this was the biggest Microsoft Inspire conference ever, and we were excited to be a part of it.

With all of the people that stopped by our booth, and all of the sessions and corenote speakers, the first theme was evident: opportunity. There’s a collective opportunity—for MSPs and businesses alike—as we embrace digital transformation and bring in a modern workplace that’s fueled by the cloud, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT). As these technologies help businesses reach new heights, it also presents a lucrative opportunity for MSPs to step in as that technical advisor for your customers.

Cyber Security Is Still Top of Mind

Microsoft was very clear that today’s threat landscape is becoming almost impossible to stay on top of. In addition to that, compliance regulations—most notable GDPR—are getting more difficult.

Traditional security protections are just not enough for the businesses in today’s world. Cyber security goes way beyond simple endpoint and DNS protection. As an MSP, you need to be offering more.

Those MSPs who visited our booth understood these challenges. However, they were not only struggling with selecting the right technology, they were also struggling with the ability to staff those services in order to provide a quality offering to customers.

So, we have a rapidly evolving landscape and a security talent shortage. But these are two major challenges that Continuum Security is built to address. The Continuum SOC provides full monitoring and remediation capabilities, saving MSPs from hiring and building in-house teams or operations. And our product suite—Profile & Protect, Detect & Respond – Endpoint and Detect & Respond – Network & Compliance—offers MSPs with managed SIEM and advanced security technology to identify and remediate active security threats, protect against common attack vectors and keep pace with the overall landscape.  

Inspire Is a Cloud Conference

While Microsoft was pushing Azure, it wasn’t the core cloud focus. There was a large amount of third-party cloud companies present.

We had many great cloud conversations at the booth. Most MSPs would ask us about three main items:

  1. How can Continuum help them asses their current environment and how they decide to migrate to Azure?
  2. How can we help them migrate to Azure?
  3. How can we manage and optimize the Azure environment with our services?

Along the theme of opportunity, the cloud falls right in the middle of it. As business start using more cloud offerings (Office 365, Azure, etc.), MSPs will need to begin offering more for the cloud.

With Continuum RMM Desktop Care, MSPs are able to monitor and manage both physical and virtual desktops. And with Continuum Tech Advantage, our partners can leverage the technical personnel and expertise at our Network Operations Center to complete a variety of desktop and server projects, including various cloud projects and migrations. Of course, we recognize this incredible cloud opportunity, and we plan do much more to support cloud offerings in the near future.


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