Now that summer is in full swing, we thought this would be a perfect time to put together a bucket (or “buckIT”) list to help you improve and expand your IT services this season. To make your summer even more worry-free, we’ll be providing you with your MSP Summer BuckIT List, a series compiling 15 tasks you can check off to help your business thrive this summer and into the end of the year! What better way to kick off our summer buckIT list than with the services you provide your customers. So without further ado… the first item on our buckIT list is to take advantage of and increase sales for Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM).

Today, RMM lies at the heart of any managed IT service because it’s a proactive and easy way to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints for your clients. Summer is the season for fun in the sun, so even when your clients are on a long vacation, or taking a day-trip to an amusement park, they will be at ease knowing that their network is constantly looked after and managed with RMM.

Continue reading to find out how RMM can benefit your business and those of your clients.

Let RMM Be Your IT Fast Pass!

Speaking of amusement parks, they are the perfect summer activity apart from one small problem… absolutely no one enjoys waiting in those long lines to get on a ride! I’m sure most of you know the headache you get from being stuck waiting in a line moving slower than a snail’s pace. It’s agony! And actually, it’s similar to the feeling clients have when they don’t use RMM.

Without utilizing the benefits of RMM technology, multiple undetected issues can sneak up on you and your clients, leaving them unhappy and impatient waiting in downtime until it gets fixed. Traditional break/fix providers are very similar to those long lines at the amusement park; they leave you waiting around until a problem arises, without the precision and proactivity that RMM has to offer. Unlike break/fix, managed IT service providers are able to provide their clients with a full-suite of IT support. It is crucial for MSPs to take advantage of intelligent monitoring such as RMM, because it helps you proactively stay ahead of issues, and is shown to reduce the time to troubleshoot faulty networking devices by an impressive 75 percent. Integrating RMM technology into your services is like giving your clients a fast pass to skip over all those lines, and especially the impatience that comes along with them! RMM allows MSPs to meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and assure that they can identify and solve issues for their clients, even before they realize there’s a real problem. End-users can use RMM as a fast pass to enjoy increased uptime without disruption during servicing, which means no more waiting in those painfully long lines! Reduced downtime is a huge selling point when positioning your services to high level executives at the local small-to-medium-sized businesses you target. Help them understand the value of RMM by explaining how it will save them time and money!

Add More Value to Your RMM Fast Pass!

By integrating a full-service RMM platform with a Network Operations Center (NOC), MSPs can leverage reliable technology and 24/7 support, which provides clients with better management and protection. One of the biggest benefits of using an integrated RMM and NOC partner is alert monitoring and ticket consolidation. Because your NOC has a direct line into your RMM software, they can filter hundreds of thousands of events and open tickets for only the issues that require action – and can many times resolve those issues themselves. If a problem is of higher priority, they can send it directly to your technicians to handle. This means that your techs are not buried under a mountain of alerts and mundane tickets so that they can focus on the most important and pressing issues, adding immense value to your RMM fast pass!

In the end, it’s impossible to predict when an issue will arise, or how long those lines will be at the amusement park. It’s critical for any MSP to have 24/7 monitoring like RMM to support all of your clients’ needs. 

Are you struggling to sell RMM? Leave a comment below sharing the pushback you've received! We'll be helping you grow your business all summer long with our MSP Summer BuckIT List series full of actionable goals, so make sure you keep checking back for more tips, strategies, and fun!

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