Android users need to beware of a vulnerability in DropBox's Android SDK. The flaw could be affecting popular apps like Microsoft Office Mobile. Meanwhile, a Windows patch from 2010 hasn't been doing what it was supposed to do. Hear about these stories and more on this week's edition of IT Rewind!


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IBM Discloses Vulnerability in Dropbox's Android SDK

InfoWorld, @infoworldSerdar Yegulalp, @syegulalp

Windows PCs Remained Vulnerable to Stuxnet-like LNK Attacks after 2010 Patch

CIO, @CIOonline, Lucian Constantin, @lconstantin


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Circular phones?:

         How a Circular Smartphone Could Help Us Rethink Tech
         CNN@CNNKyle Vanhemert@kvanhemert

Google leak:

        Google Accidentally Leaked Hundreds of Thousands of Customers' Personal Details
        Business Insider, @businessinsider, Rob Price, @robaeprice

Apple pay fraud:

         Security Researchers Find Unexpected Weakness in Equation Malware
         eWeek@eWEEKNews, Wayne Rash, @wrash



Hey everybody we’ve made it through another week and that means its time for another edition of IT Rewind!

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Let’s move on to the news.

For the second straight week, Android users need to have their heads on a swivel. IBM has disclosed a vulnerability in Dropbox’s Android SKD. The vulnerability affects versions 1.5.4 through 1.6.1 and allows attackers to connect applications to their controlled Dropbox accounts. By connecting to the apps, attackers can steal information and also inject malicious data. Dropbox responded very rapidly to the news had a patch available within four days. The good news is only a very small percentage of Android apps use the SDK, however, the popular Microsoft Office Mobile is one of those apps in the small percentage.

Did you patch a Windows computer in 2010 to protect yourself from the LNK exploit? Well, you may not have been as safe as you thought. According to researchers from Hewlett-Packard, that patch was flawed. Apparently, the patch that Microsoft released in 2010 can by bypassed Basically, this means that even with the patch applied, attackers could have reverse-engineered the fix to create new exploits. Again, there is good news. At this point there is no evidence that this reverse engineering has actually occurred, only that its possible that it could have.

We’re all out of time on this week’s edition of IT Rewind but remember, you can always find us on Twitter, Instagram and Vine at FollowContinuum, as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Spiceworks and YouTube.

Take it easy. 

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