Cybercriminals have a new platform for racking up fraudulent credit card charges and Windows may have ended your search for an MDM solution. This is IT Rewind!


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Cybercriminals Create Platform for Automating Rogue Credit Card Charges

CIO, @CIOonline, Lucian Contantin

Microsoft Bundles Mobile Device Management in Office 365, Touts It as 'Game Changer'

CRN, @CRN, Kevin McLaughlin @nocompunction 

Helping MSPs Find Their True North - Part 2: MSPradio Episode 28

MSP Blog,@FollowContinuum, Nate Teplow, @nteplow 

Helping MSPs Find Their True North - Part 1: MSPradio Episode 26

MSP Blog,@FollowContinuum, Nate Teplow, @nteplow 

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SLIDESHARE: I Bet You Want to Growth Hack Your MSP Business...



Let me guess, things are not going well at your MSP business. Employee churn is at an all-time high because your technicians are tired of filling their 9-5 with rote tasks and answering "I can't get into Outlook" calls from clients. Maybe you're not equipped to handle spikes in service demand, but you still want to provide clients round-the-clock support. Good help is hard to find, and it's too costly to hire and train additional staff. Sound familiar? How could any MSP thrive in these stifling conditions? Answer: you can't. There is a way out though - a simple solution and a true managed IT services growth hack... Read more »

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The Case for Outsourced Help Desks


Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are in the business of offering proactive and reactive technology support to their clients. Through remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, MSPs provide maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure smooth and continuous operations of servers, storage, endpoints and applications. And while some of this work is automated, many tasks still require human intervention – and today, client-facing interactions are often best handled by a help desk or service desk... Read more »


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Who is the hacker?:

         It Looks like Russia and Smells like Russia ... But Is It Russia?
         CNN, @cnntech, Jose Pagliery, @Jose_Pagliery 

You're fired:

        Microsoft Fires Global Advertising Sales Team
        Buiness Insider, @businessinsider, Lara O'Reilly, @larakiara

Tips for avoiding traps:

         Trick or Trap? 10 Tips to Avoid Halloween Viruses
         MSP Mentor, @mspmentor, Dan Kobialka

Digital delays: 

         Delays to Digital Transformation Create Concern for CIOs
         eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Nathan Eddy

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