A zero-day vulnerability has surfaced in Adobe Flash, find out if you may be at risk and what to do if you are. Meanwhile, Windows 10 may be the last OS upgrade you'll ever need to make. We're covering these stories and more in this week's edition of IT Rewind!

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Flash Zero Day under Attack

The Register, @TheRegister, Darren Pauli, @darrenpauli

Microsoft to Offer Windows 10 as Free Upgrade for Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Users

CRN, @CRN, Kevin McLaughlin, @nocompunction

How You Can Double Your Revenue as an MSP - MSPtv Episode 34

MSP Blog, @FollowContinuum, Tim Lewis


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What Else Is New in the IT Channel?

Now that you've seen our top picks for this week, here are some more stories that made the headlines. Have a suggestion for a story that we should cover next week? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @FollowContinuum or @BenDBarker!

Google going mobile:

         Google Looks to Become a Mobile Carrier
         InfoWorld, @infoworld, Stephen Lawson, @sdlawsonmedia

The state of security:

        Obama Calls for Improved Cybersecurity in State of the Union
        The Washington Times, @WashTimes, Phillip Swarts, @PFSwarts

The future is now:

         Uh Oh, Google, Here Comes Microsoft's HoloLens
         CIO, @CIOonline, Sharon Gaudin, @sgaudin



Hey everyone, welcome back for another episode of IT Rewind! We’ve got a packed lineup for this week’s episode; so let’s roll the intro!

A new Adobe Flash zero-day vulnerability could have you at risk. Attackers are compromising the widely used Adobe Flash Player, which then allows the unknown installation of malware. Fully patched versions of Windows 8.1 and Google Chrome seem to be the only browsers that are safe from this vulnerability. Regardless of your browser, it may not be a bad idea to disable Adobe Flash, just until a patch is released.

Microsoft plans to offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade to users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. The free upgrade will be available a year after Windows 10 hits the market, which is expected to happen at some point in 2015. The move to Windows 10 will kick off a new idea of “Windows as a service.” Once a user upgrades to Windows 10, automatic updates will be available for as long as the system is eligible for support. Microsoft is seemingly learning from their struggles in getting customers to switch from Windows XP and again from Windows 7. It sounds like the plan is for Windows 10 to be the last OS upgrade that users will ever have to make.

We had a very special episode of MSPtv this week as Shannon Mayer, the newest member of the Continuum team joined Scott Glidden to talk about everything from 2015 channel predictions to how to double your revenue as an MSP. We couldn’t be more excited to add Shannon to our team. She’s recognized by the industry as a “Most Powerful Woman in the Channel” so… yeah; she’s kind of a big deal.

We’re almost out of time on this week’s edition of IT Rewind but before we go I want to point you all to our new “company news” blog. This will be a space for us to fill you in on updates on our channel involvement as well as partner spotlights, enablement, education, and more! So be sure to hop on over to for the latest announcements. Of course, we’ll still have our MSP blog dedicated to providing MSPs with advice, opinions, and best practices at and you can also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Vine at FollowContinuum, as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube.

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