The Open Container Initiative (OCI) is gaining traction as some big-name companies are coming aboard. Meanwhile, Microsoft has made two enterprise security tools generally available. We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind! Just click play!

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Open Container Initiative Gains Momentum as AT&T, Oracle, Twitter and Others Join

TechCrunch, @TechCrunch, Frederic Lardinois, @fredericl

Microsoft to Make Enterprise Security Tools Generally Available

InfoWorld, @infoworld, Blair Hanley Frank, @belril

Empowering Small Business IT in the UK

Continuum, @FollowContinuum

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IT Buzzwords That Need to STOP!


Buzzwords, also known as pretentious jargon devoid of meaning, can easily drive anyone crazy! Although most users and administrators are familiar with Macbooks, Androids and Fitbits, few are actually familiar with the underlying technology that make their lives easier. Often, IT buzzwords are used to oversimplify the complex work that technicians, MSPs, and programmers do everyday. It's no wonder they're so frustrating. If you have ever had to explain to someone that "you're not an app designer [so do] not confuse the program that saves entire organizations on a daily basis with Snapchat," then you will certainly appreciate this post. Read More»

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Hacking cars:

         Security Researchers Find a Way to Hack Cars
         NYTimes Bits@nytimesbits, Nicole Perlroth

Internet Explorer errors:

        Researchers Disclose Four Unpatched Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer
        Network World, @NetworkWorldLucian Constantin, @lconstantin

Zero-Day exposure:

         WordPress 4.2.3 Released, Fixing Critical Security Hole. Update!
         Graham Cluley, @gcluley



Hey there! Welcome back for another edition of IT Rewind as always I’m your host, Ben Barker or as you all love to refer to me, Sad IT Dude. Lets get started.

The Open Container Initiative is gaining momentum. 14 new companies have joined the effort to forming common standards for software containers, including AT&T, Verizon and Twitter. The initiative was announced last month at DockerCon and a formal draft of the project is expected to be published within the month. The movement is gaining serious traction largely due to its promise of portability, agility and interoperability across a wide range of infrastructure and tools.

Microsoft is making a push to improve its business data security. Next month, both the Advanced Threat Analytics and Rights Management services will become generally available. The Advanced Threat Analytics service can be used to detect suspicious behavior on a company’s network. Once detected, the administrator will be alerted and able to contain any breach. The Rights Management service will be extended to Office for iPad and iPhone and will allow admins to lock files and add policies on how they can be accessed and used.

This week’s spotlight goes out to Dean Parry, General Manager at Leading Edge Technologies in the U.K. I had a chance to meet with Dean and his team about a month ago and recently, a case study featuring Leading Edge Technologies was published to the Continuum website. In it, Dean talks about Continuum’s RMM platform and how it allows his team to be proactive rather than reactive. To see the full case study, simply click on the link below!

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