As the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications in the world, CompTIA offers 16 certification exams in PC support, networking, servers, Linux, security and more. Dedicated to the channel, the organization is revered by many IT professionals who depend on CompTIA's exams to provide an industry standard for foundation-level skill sets. As business owners, MSPs know there's revenue gain in stellar service. You also know that the requirements for this level of service shift like the changing IT landscape. 

That's why your technicians have to receive the necessary training. In the process of hiring a new technician? Recruit one that's CompTIA-certified. Navigating the certification process can be intimidating, but CompTIA is with you every step of the way.

Why CompTIA? The list of companies who either require or request CompTIA certification is a large one that is continuously growing. But don't take my word for it, check out the list below!


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How Do My IT Technicians Get CompTIA-certified?

As they explain on their website, CompTIA guides you through this easy, step-by-step process! 

1. Choose a certification

CompTIA offers different exams for different skill levels and areas of expertise. Whether you are someone who is just being introduced to IT, who is getting things started in an IT career, or who has an established presence in the IT field, CompTIA has a certification program for you. Additionally, CompTIA allows you to select a certification program based on your skill set. 

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2. Train for the exam

Once you've selected a certification, you're not being thrown to the wolves. CompTIA CertMaster is a tool designed to make it easy for you to be as prepared as possible for the certification process. Instead of watching lectures or reading lengthy texts, CompTIA CertMaster allows you learn at your own pace by asking you questions right out of the gate! Be sure to download some sample questions so that you feel 100% prepared for your exam before you take it.

3. Purchase you exam voucher

When you feel like you're prepared to take you exam, it's time to purchase your voucher. You'll use the voucher when it comes time to register for your certification test.

4. Take the test

If you've gotten through steps one through three, its time to find a testing site and take your exam. You can locate testing sites through Pearson VUE.

CompTIA at Navigate 2015

As if you needed more reason to get excited for Navigate 2015, we're excited to announce that all partners in attendance will have the opportunity to earn a CompTIA certification while at Continuum's user conference in Las Vegas. There will be two workshops during the conference. The first will be an opportunity for an Executive Certificate in Data Recovery and Business Continuity. The second opportunity will be for an Executive Certificate in Cloud Intermediate. Course 1 for each will be competed ahead of time via webinar so that you are able to complete the full certification while at Navigate 2015.

Workshop 1: Executive Certificate in Data Recovery and Business Continuity

Gary Bixler

Description: Too often, data recovery and business continuity are viewed as discrete and infrequent activities that once completed, stay completed. The Executive Certificate in Data Recovery and Business Continuity addresses the ongoing need for DR/BC planning and provides an opportunity for solution providers to learn more about making DR/BC services part of their offerings.

Workshop Take-Aways:
10-week Guide to Data Recovery and Business Continuity
Quick Start Guide to Data Recovery and Business Continuity
One CompTIA education credit

Courses covered in workshop:
Course #1: Understanding Business Continuity and Data Recovery
Course #2: Determining Your DR/BC Business Model
Course #3: Developing a DR/BC Practice
Course #4: Protecting Your Own Data First
Course #5: Meeting Customers' DR/BC Needs and Expectations
Course #6: DR/BC Go-to-Market Sales Strategies


Workshop 2: Executive Certificate in Cloud Intermediate 

Ted Roller

Description: This course of study addresses the specific "hows" of profitably integrating cloud-based IT services into a solution provider’s business. While much of the cloud-focused training currently available addresses generalities about business model transformation, this certificate program delves into the specifics of growing a cloud-based business. What solutions should an IT service provider offer and what are the best practices for incorporating them into current services? What are the most effective ways of building and utilizing a playbook to market and sell cloud-based offerings? And which organizational changes facilitate the growth of cloud business?

Workshop Take-Aways:
10-week Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business
Quick Start Guide to to Accelerating Your Cloud Business
One CompTIA education credit

Courses covered in workshop:
Course #1: Building Cloud Solution Success
Course #2: Developing Cloud Playbooks
Course #3: Transforming Your Business

For more information on CompTIA certifications, check out the full list here!


AND Continuum U!

You can also get Continuum U-certified at Navigate 2015! To learn more, see:

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