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Why SMBs Need to Disaster-Proof Their Business [CHART]

Posted September 2, 2016by Lily Teplow

Are your clients’ businesses going to be able to operate normally after a disaster strikes? Catastrophes such as floods, employee error and hardware failure can wreak havoc on businesses of all sizes if their data isn’t secured properly – making the recovery process very demanding, time-consuming and expensive. This is especially true for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who haven’t taken preventative measures and preparations. Without a reliable backup solution or disaster recovery plan, how can your clients ensure that their data is protected from the elements?

As an MSP, you know that by offering a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution you’re providing peace of mind and hassle-free data protection for your clients. However, a challenge most MSPs face in selling a business continuity solution is convincing prospects and clients of its need. Although BDR is essential for virtually every business operating today, many SMBs don’t recognize its value because they’re stuck in the “it could never happen to me” mindset. What they don’t know, though, is that this mindset leaves them extremely vulnerable when disaster strikes.

A 2014 disaster recovery preparedness survey revealed that 3 out of 4 companies are failing in terms of disaster readiness – meaning they won’t be able to save their business from an emergency. A fact of modern business is that encountering a disaster scenario isn’t a matter of if, but when. Rather than leaving your clients wondering what will happen if their business is faced with a data disaster, shouldn’t you provide them with a BDR solution that ensures their business can survive when it happens?

If you have any upcoming meetings with prospects or clients that you’re hoping to sell on your BDR solution, you need to make sure that your sales pitch resonates with them. One way to do so is by using a strategy called F.U.D., which involves creating fear, uncertainty and doubt. What would happen after your clients are struck with a disaster? Would their business even be able to survive? To help you get started on your presentation, we've already gathered some disaster recovery statistics from Boston Computing Network.

See the chart below:

Why_SMBs_Need_to_disaster_proof_business-Chart.pngWhen an unforeseen event takes place and causes day-to-day operations to come to a halt, companies need to recover as quickly as possible to avoid major data loss, revenue loss and other negative consequences of unplanned downtime. BDR is a must-have solution for SMBs because it provides business continuity and continuous uptime ensuring their business can stay operational after a disaster.

When presenting this chart in your next proposal, use these talking points to convince clients and prospects of the value of your BDR offering:

  1. Recoverability – An astonishing 40 percent of businesses aren’t able to recover immediately after a disaster. Therefore, the ability to resume operations quickly while swiftly regaining access to files and data could be the difference between successfully recovering after a disaster, or closing your doors for good. A strong BDR solution will allow you to convert a backup into a running system in a matter of seconds, which will maximize your chances of fully recovering.
  2. Reduce DowntimeDowntime is one of the biggest IT expenses that any business can face. Even an hour or two can result in significant costs and cause internal business operations to come to a standstill. Suffering from extended downtime leaves business playing catch-up, which is why you see such a high percentage of businesses unable to recover from a disaster within six months to five years. In the event of a disaster, a BDR solution can provide complete system replication, which allots users a complete infrastructure to host their business on. This will help reduce downtime and enable your business to resume normal operations after a disaster.
  3. Reliability – Having a BDR solution is the only way to disaster-proof your business because should any problems arise, you'll have a reliable safety net to fall back on. Not only will quick and frequent backups limit data loss, but having a proper recovery process is in place can help mitigate other damages in the long run.

With a large number of businesses closing their doors after a data disaster incident, having a BDR solution in place can save your clients’ businesses from becoming one of these statistics. Your clients need to be aware of the potential for business failure resulting from the unplanned disaster, so be sure to use this chart as a convincing visual in your next presentation!

Continuum Partners: In continuing our commitment to help you accelerate sales through ongoing marketing support, every week we will be uploading customizable Powerpoint templates with relevant charts and data that you can input into your own decks. And because it's white labeled, you'll be able to add your own logo and branding to stand out against the crowd! Just keep checking back on the Marketing tab of the Partner Support Portal for files to download!


Download this chart today to use in your next BDR sales presentation! Why-SMBs-Need-to-Disaster-Proof-Their-Business-download

Lily is passionate about storytelling, marketing, and helping businesses solve their biggest challenges. In her role as Public Relations and Media Specialist at Continuum, she is responsible for enhancing the company’s voice and presence through online and offline channels. With a background in communications and content creation, Lily is a seasoned and established writer in the IT industry. In her spare time, Lily enjoys traveling the world and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams.

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