Helping clients become HIPAA compliant can be a daunting process. Many MSPs struggle with finding the time and resources needed to get started. However, the opportunity to win more clients and revenue cannot be ignored, especially if a significant portion of your client base operates in the healthcare vertical. More importantly, you're legally required to provide this layer of security if you serve these clients.

Currently, as defined by the US Department of Health and Human Services, the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule “requires covered entities and business associates to provide notification following a breach of unsecured protected health information.” Now that business associates are also held accountable, MSPs are required to be HIPAA compliant to minimize risk in case of a security breach.

So where do you get started? Lucky for us, one of our partners, Jay Ryerse, VP of Business Development at Digitel Corporation, walked us through his journey to becoming an expert in offering HIPAA compliance in a recent webinar, How to Use the HIPAA Assessment Tool to Increase Revenue. We'll be exploring some key takeaways from his presentation.

For Jay, the decision to start offering this added value to his end clients was a no-brainer. A third of Jay’s clients are in the healthcare industry so offering HIPAA compliance was an opportunity to easily capture a new revenue stream and start prospecting in the healthcare industry. For this, Jay uses our HIPAA Assessment Tool, powered by RapidFire Tools. How did he market this service? Jay also works very closely with Robin RobinsFounder of Technology Marketing Toolkit. Later in the webinar, Jay discusses how he leveraged the power of marketing to fully inform clients and prospects about Digitel's HIPAA compliance offering, thus legitimizing his business further. 

Webinar Recap 

To offer compliance with the HIPAA Assessment tool, you must first understand the tool itself. Let's start with a very high level definition of what it provides for your clients. The HIPAA Assessment Tool is a "purpose-built tool to combine automated collection of network data with information collected through observations, photographs and surveys."

Secondly, you have to make it easy for your end client to see the value of adding this to their services.

Currently, medical practices should perform a risk assessment as part of their own compliance when looking into managed IT services. You don't want to lose a client over this, so become an expert. 

The journey to becoming a HIPAA Master

In the webinar, Jay talks about his own experience with our HIPAA Assessment tool. After using it for about a year, he has created a very helpful pyramid to visually represent a step-by-step process (captured below) to fully utilizing the tool. The first step is to train your employees and start producing content. Become as informed as possible. Jay suggests you reference resources like our Healthcare page and other sites that answer questions you didn't even know you had! After building content, next target your existing client base. In the webinar linked below, Jay deep dives on each area of the pyramid.


You also have to create content that makes it easy for your clients to understand your services, pricing and everything they need to know to make an informed decision. That's where marketing comes in!

How to leverage the power of marketing 

Jay discusses the various marketing efforts that helped propel him to the "top of the pyramid." He began by writing articles, white papers and sending direct email to his existing clients and then moved on to prospects. Navigate 2015 keynote speaker Robin Robins, as I mentioned before, provides many of the tools MSPs need to take their marketing to the next level. She offers templates, campaigns, modules, etc. to make it easy for MSPs to start customizing and targeting the right clients with the right content.

Jay shares one module (pictured below) that he adapted. He sends this interactive module to each prospect so that they can look through a few resources to understand the services. Essentially, each piece of content helps push the prospect down the sales pipeline. In the webinar, he walks you through each piece of content and its impact. 

hipaa compliance webinar module

If you're interested in hearing more from Robin, register for our upcoming webinar to learn how to use your BDR solution to increase sales and revenue!

Presence and brand recognition 

Jay emphasizes the importance of building a presence and brand recognition to achieve the ultimate goal of getting referrals! Now, he is someone the MSP community looks to to better understand the process of offering HIPAA compliance to clients, but it wasn't always easy. Jay recalls the first on-site visits taking about 10 hours! He has standardized the process to ensure its high quality and has decreased the on-site time to 2 hours. Learn more about this incredible accomplishment and how he achieved it!

Jay also builds brand recognition by attending and speaking at events. As a matter of fact, he will be speaking at our second annual user conference, Navigate 2015 in September! 

Need more of an incentive? During this webinar, you will receive a comprehensive checklist which guides you through the process of using the HIPAA Assessment Tool. 

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