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9 Data Security Statistics Every European MSP Needs to Know

Posted 1 July, 2016by Mary McCoy

9 Data Security Statistics Every European MSP Needs to Know

No matter which country you reside in and/or serve, cybersecurity is a globally pressing issue for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). But just what is the state of affairs around the world and in Europe, specifically? We've combed the Internet in search of trends and statistics every managed IT services provider must know. Which European territories suffer the most data breaches, and how much does a typical compromise now cost? Will data security spending continue to increase as threats become more imminent? Answers to these questions and more! 


1. The U.K. had the most data breaches in Europe in the first half of 2015, with identity theft-related, healthcare and government breaches accounting for 75, 34 and 31 per cent of records compromised respectively [source].

2. 48 per cent of Britain's small businesses suffered cybercrime attacks in the last year, yet only 20 per cent claim cybersecurity is a business priority [source].

3. For SMEs, the average cost of a breach is between £75,000 and £311,000, up from £65k - £115k a year ago [source].

4. According to The Global Sate of Information Security Survey, 65 per cent of participating businesses collaborate with others to strengthen cybersecurity [source]. 

5. 52.4 per cent of spear fishing attacks, schemes that are launched through fraudulent emails, that were launched in December 2015 were against SMEs [source].

6. 83 per cent of enterprise networks exhibit evidence of malicious DNS activity, with malware like CryptoLocker ransomware contributing heavily [source].

7. Only 29 per cent of SMEs used patching and configuration tools in 2015 though 92 per cent of online devices are running known vulnerabilities [source].

8. Worldwide spending on cybersecurity products and services is predicted to surpass $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021 [source].

9. 59 per cent of employees steal sensitive corporate data when they leave a company, worrisome to the nearly fifty per cent of European organisations that believe insider threats are harder to identify now [source].


There you have it! Did any particular figure stand out to you? Have you observed any of the same situations at your European managed IT services practice? Leave us a line below! 

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