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Gary Dunsworth of CCSI

Gary Dunsworth


Creative Computer Solutions Inc.
Vancouver, Washington



Business Challenge

After several years as a Continuum Vault partner, CCSI began evaluating Continuity247 alongside other BDR solutions to determine which product would best meet the needs of their evolving business continuity offering.


Continuum’s Continuity247 platform, a fully-managed solution built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


CCSI has successfully transitioned its clients onto Continuity247, and the company is taking full advantage of the NOC support, data protection and backup capabilities that the platform offers.

"Continuity247® is more responsive than Vault, and the ease of installation and documentation behind Continuity247 are fantastic—the best I’ve seen in a BDR platform.”

Where Other BDR Solutions Fall Short, Continuum’s Continuity247 Platform Delivers

Managed services provider Creative Computer Solutions Inc. (CCSI) was founded in 1998 with a mission of bringing enterprise-grade technologies and services to small businesses. The company offers computer, network and phone solutions in the SMB market—and thanks to its partnership with Continuum, CCSI is able to deliver robust data backup and business continuity services to customers.

“A few years ago, we realized that in order to provide a holistic solution to our clients we needed to include backup and disaster recovery (BDR),” says Gary Dunsworth, Engineering Services Manager at CCSI. “We were already very happy with Continuum’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, and BDR was the next logical step forward for us.”

CCSI then began deploying Vault, a platform which marked Continuum’s entry into the disaster recovery market and offered a strong blend of technical features, support and flexibility to meet the growing needs of CCSI’s customer base.

“Vault was a great product for us,” says Dunsworth. “It offered hardware flexibility, solid margins and helped us launch the business continuity offering we have today.”

So when Continuum announced the launch of Continuity247—the company’s new fully-managed BDR platform—Dunsworth and the team at CCSI saw an opportunity to compare it to both Vault and other offerings in the market to find the solution which would best meet the needs of their clients.

“We started shopping around and did our due diligence,” Dunsworth recalls. “We looked into a number of different vendors and solutions—and quite frankly, they all over-promised and under-delivered.”

After determining that no other solution would meet all of CCSI’s needs and help the company establish a path for continued success in business continuity, Dunsworth circled back to Continuity247 and began testing the platform internally.

“We installed Continuity247 on an in-house server and ran it for a few months to see how everything worked,” he explains. “We spun up virtual machines (VMs), captured snapshots, tested restores and more, and everything worked great. Continuity247 is more responsive than Vault, and the ease of installation and documentation behind Continuity247 are fantastic—the best I’ve seen in a BDR platform.”

Continuity247 enables MSPs to deliver robust and scalable business continuity services to their customers by combining a powerful feature set with hands-on support from Continuum’s 700+ Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians.

In addition to absorbing day-to-day management, troubleshooting and verification of client backups, Continuum’s NOC provides complete disaster recovery support, testing and other services to increase operational efficiency and free Continuum’s MSP partners to focus on business development and customer relationships.

“The support we receive with Continuity247 is fantastic,” Dunsworth says. “Whenever we engage with the NOC or identify problems, they’re very quick to jump in and work with us until issues are resolved. The NOC team takes real ownership, and Continuum’s technicians are very helpful in providing us with solutions.”

In addition to providing hands-on technical support, Continuity247 offers a range of packages and deployment options to enable MSPs to meet the needs of any customer while maximizing their margins.

“We love the Continuity247 Flex package with pooled storage—it’s been phenomenal for us,” explains Dunsworth. “It allows us to optimize storage for each of our clients without having to micromanage it.”

Data backed up using Continuity247 employs industry-standard AES- 256 bit encryption—both at rest and in transit—and automatically replicates data across multiple U.S.-based datacenters, leveraging IBM’s Cloud, to ensure reliability and availability.

“Most of our clients have had a very smooth transition to Continuity247, and we’ve already had to put the platform to the test,” Dunsworth adds. “We had a client who was hacked and had all of their virtual machines deleted, and another whose Exchange server crashed—and in both instances, Continuity247 had our clients back up and running within an hour.”

“Now that we’re using Continuity247, we wouldn’t consider any other solution,” he adds. “Continuum has become our standard platform across the board, and we’re very happy with it.”

To learn more about Continuity247, visit: www.continuum.net/continuity247

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