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Business Challenge

Geeson was looking for a partnership that would allow the company to grow and successfully onboard new clients, without the need for costly labor or infrastructure investments.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM & NOC platform.


Continuum’s RMM platform has helped Geeson increase operational efficiency with proprietary technology that generates smarter, more actionable alerts than any other platform – all supported by Continuum’s NOC technicians, who deliver direct support and full problem resolution for all monitored endpoints.

"I knew from the beginning that Continuum's model was a sound one. It enables us to maintain our fleet...I can sleep at night knowing that problems are being fixed."

With Support from Continuum, Geeson Scales to New Heights

In 1909, Ernest Geeson founded a small transportation company in London. Today, that company is providing a complete suite of managed IT services and related support – and Phil Geeson, third-generation owner of the business, is at the helm. The company itself is called Geeson; and while it may be a family business, the organization has benefitted greatly by extending its family and partnering with Continuum.

A Partnership Built on Experience

“I knew from the beginning that Continuum’s model was a sound one. It enables us to maintain our fleet,” says Geeson. “And it’s not just the white-label aspect – which is brilliant – we also have a lot of confidence in the NOC; I can sleep at night knowing that problems are being fixed.” 

Continuum’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) facility employs more than 650 technical experts who work around the clock to monitor client endpoints, remediate issues, close support tickets, and more.

And it’s not just the after-hours and overnight support that Geeson depends on – the company also relies on the breadth of expertise and experience at Continuum’s NOC to help them solve complex technical challenges.

“We know that we can always escalate to a team that has more expertise than we have, because they’ve seen just about everything,” Phil explains. “When we see a problem for the first time, it can be a real struggle – but chances are that the NOC has seen the issue several times before, and can quickly help us apply the appropriate solution. That service alone is worth so much. We might spend hours searching the web for the answer to a particular problem – but the NOC is always ready to help. It’s like having our own Microsoft engineers at our fingertips.”

Demonstrating Value

In addition to the technical support provided by Continuum, Geeson also benefits from the built-in intelligence and reporting capabilities that are bundled with Continuum’s RMM software.

“The customer likes what they see, because they get reassuring reports showing that we’re actually doing what we say we’re doing,” says Geeson. Continuum’s reporting can show Geeson’s clients exactly what work is being done – which is especially helpful for customers who don’t receive much onsite support and may question the value they’re getting. “We can supply detailed reports of the work we completed overnight while they slept.”

Also included with Continuum RMM is access to Continuum U – a self-paced, interactive learning center complete with training modules, step-by-step instructions, assessments and certification programs.

“It allows our technicians to get up to speed quickly on individual items and products. The whole thing fits together very nicely,” Geeson says.

The Evolution of IT Service Delivery

Having been in the industry for many years, Geeson has witnessed the evolution of IT service delivery first-hand – and knows that a partner like Continuum can provide impressive opportunities to scale without requiring costly labor or infrastructure investments. 

“The break/fix model is gone,” says Geeson. “We know that today we need to provide fully managed services that are tailored to meet each of our customers’ specific needs. For us to do that, the investment in manpower, materials, training and expertise was greater than we could afford. Today, with support from Continuum, we can take on clients that we previously wouldn’t have considered.”

One of those customers, an insurance underwriter, has experienced some impressive growth over the last 18 months – and when the company launched an internal help desk to field incoming calls, Geeson knew that ensuring uptime was becoming more important than ever. By leveraging Geeson’s standard support offering, built upon Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC services, the client has been able to maintain this growth without hiring any in-house IT support.

“We’ve really watched them grow,” Geeson says. “They’ve now got about 60 employees – and no internal IT staff. They save money, we make money.

“We’ve also helped them become IASME security accredited, by ensuring all machines are patched and secured on a regular basis,” Geeson says. “And thanks to Continuum, all of this has been done without draining our resources. We’ve got a single pane of glass – and our customers have a one-stop shop for all of their IT needs.”

About Geeson
Geeson provides a complete end to end solution, which includes cabling, telecoms, hardware, software, web marketing and full range of 24/7 support options. Our services come from a company based on old fashioned principles of caring, but with today’s cutting edge technology knowledge. We can install, supply and maintain every aspect of your current business needs. Our team allows you to introduce the power of leveraging new cloud and managed services into your current structure, giving you the unique advantage of advanced technology at an affordable cost.

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