“It’s comforting to me as the owner of an MSP to know that
Continuum can provide a service that will help us cope with the peaks and troughs of demand.”

- Mark Williams, CEO, Pensar

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Continuum Success Story, Arvig

“We’ve had scenarios where customer machines have gone down—and thanks to Continuum BDR, we were able to completely restore them.”

Continuum Success Story, CCSI

“We had a client who was hacked and had all of their virtual machines deleted, and another whose Exchange server crashed—and in both instances, Continuum BDR had our clients back up and running within an hour.”

Continuum Success Story, Clare Computer Solutions

"I was very impressed by what I saw at the Continuum Roadshow. Its leadership team has the energy, the know-how and investment capital to help me be well positioned for the next half-decade, at least."

Continuum Success Story, Computer Consultants

“Unlike the other RMM tools we tried, Continuum’s platform is prepackaged, requires minimal setup, and saves us time.”

Continuum Success Story, Computer Solutions Group

“Leveraging services from Continuum allows us to pivot and focus on what’s important to our clients.”

Continuum Success Story, CMIT Solutions

"Continuum Help Desk eliminates the need for small IT services providers like us to hire staff to handle end-user issues and their white label service delivers a high level of professionalism."

Continuum Success Story, Ekaru

"Our goal is to grow 20% this year. Having Continuum’s staff backing us up to make sure we can support our customer needs will be critical in achieving that growth."

Continuum Success Story, Epic Technologies

“Working with Continuum has been more efficient from every imaginable angle. Not only in terms of people and time, and responsiveness to clients’ issues, but it’s a cost-efficiency as well.”

Continuum Success Story, eProsper

“We have much more information available to us in Continuum BDR than we did with Vault.”


“Partnering with Continuum has allowed Evolve IT to provide the best service for our customers, whilst all the behind-the-scenes work is skillfully taken care of.”

Continuum Success Story, Empower Information Systems

“It’s always been of great excitement to me that I can bring the PSA and RMM aspects of my business together."

Frontier Business Products Success Story

"Our previous BDR platform offered single-screenshot verification, but the video we receive from Tru-Verify is far more valuable. We can pinpoint exactly where failures are occurring—and we can do so remotely."

Continuum Success Story, G2 Tech Group

"Thanks to the Continuum platform, we see higher revenue numbers, greater profitability, and in turn we're able to invest money back into the business - and back into our employees."

Continuum Success Story, Gordon Flesch

“We have a great partnership with Continuum. We don’t simply resell their product or services – we have a partnership which takes care of our mutual customers.”

Continuum Success Story, Greystone Technology

"Using Continuum’s tools, we’re able to recognize our customers’ server problems before they even surface. It’s great.”

Itek Success Story

"Tru-Verify is fantastic, because it helps us understand and confirm that backups are working. With other solutions, we often would realise that backups had actually failed despite a screenshot saying that they were successful."

Continuum Success Story, Karpel

"As we continue to grow and develop our managed services, we’ve been very lucky to have Continuum by our side."

Continuum Success Story, Keystone IT Consulting

“As an MSP in the healthcare space, we have to employ the very best tools that money can buy, and I have that level of confidence in the reliability of the Continuum/Autotask Integration."

Continuum Success Story,  LEAP Managed IT

“The reports that the Continuum Network Assessment Modules enable us to generate help us portray a professional approach with our prospects and clients.”

Continuum Success Story, LeadingEdge

“Having Continuum RMM allows us to be a proactive team, rather than a reactive one.”

Continuum Success Story, Managed IT Solutions

"With Continuum, the gross profit margin on our remote monitoring and management services is 80 percent, which is nearly 10 percent higher than the previous RMM services we relied on."

Continuum Success Story, MySherpa

"Continuum BDR has allowed us to reallocate internal resources that were previously spending their time verifying backups, troubleshooting failures or responding to other issues.”

Continuum Success Story, NSI

“Continuum’s ‘pay-as-you grow’ approach just makes a lot of sense. They are the best fit for us.”


Continuum Success Story, Pensar

“It’s comforting to me as the owner of an MSP to know that Continuum can provide a service that will help us cope with the peaks and troughs of demand.”

Continuum Success Story, Preferred Communication Systems

“Continuum is batting 1,000. They are attentive to our needs and I believe there is a true desire to help us improve our business.”

Continuum Success Story, Pulse

“Continuum’s NOC personnel have been a tremendous asset – not just to our company but to the member networks that they monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot. They always go above and beyond to correct a problem.”

Continuum Success Story, Rouse Consulting Group

"The NOC had a wide variety of skill sets that they brought to the table and were key to the success of the project."

Continuum Success Story, Server Sentry

“We chose Continuum because of the services they offer as well as their honesty, openness and fast response times during our evaluation process.”

Continuum Success Story, The Critical Update

"The Continuum NOC is the most valuable resource we have. It’s the one service we heavily rely on to troubleshoot and resolve problems for our customers."


"For our clients, Continuum BDR has been transformational. Within a month of deploying the solution, our clients’ alert dashboards transition from a sea of red to a sea of green.”

Continuum Success Story, Voice Smart Networks

"With the Continuum team standing beside us we're making the evolution from voice VAR to data VAR."

Continuum Success Story, ZLan Partners

“There are cheaper RMM solutions available in today’s market, but none provide the level of alerting, reporting or ease-of-use that the Continuum platform offers.”