Michael Baso of Arvig

Michael Baso


Arvig, Perham, Minnesota



Business Challenge

Expand Arvig’s growing managed IT services portfolio to include business continuity and disaster recovery support for clients.


Continuum Recover platform, a fully-managed solution built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


Continuum Recover allows Arvig to provide its customers with peace of mind and cost-effective data backup services, and hands-on support from Continuum allows the team at Arvig to focus on core business priorities and client relationships.

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“When we found Continuum, we were just blown away. Once we saw how robust and in-depth the platform is—and how easy it is to manage—we were sold.”

Continuum Recover Platform Helps Arvig Add Business Continuity to its Growing Managed IT Services Portfolio

 Established in 1950, Minnesota-based provider Arvig offers telecommunication, broadband and security services to homes and businesses. More recently, however, the company has augmented its service portfolio with managed IT services—including backup and disaster recovery (BDR)—and leverages Continuum’s IT management platform to drive results for their customers.

“We want to be able to offer as many solutions as possible and strengthen our customer relationships, and managed IT services help us do that,” says Michael Baso, Arvig’s Product & Business Development Supervisor. “We saw a great opportunity to add managed services to our offering—and we’re so glad to be partnering with Continuum for that side of it.” 

Arvig first partnered with Continuum in February 2015, and has experienced impressive growth along with the ability to offer a greater variety of solutions and support to their growing customer base. 

“When we found Continuum, we were just blown away,” Baso recalls. “Once we saw how robust and in-depth the platform is—and how easy it is to manage—we were sold. Continuum provides us with all of the tools we need to handle anything that gets thrown at us.”

To support its growing BDR offering, Arvig leverages Continuum Recover—Continuum’s fully-managed BDR platform supported by the company’s own Network Operations Center (NOC) staff. With features like block-level backup, offsite replication and full disaster recovery support, Continuum Recover helps Arvig deliver true business continuity and peace of mind to clients—and it didn’t take long for the company to start seeing positive results.

“Our customers love it,” says Baso. “They don’t have to deal with any backup issues, they’ve stopped having chronic lags on their networks—it’s really changed their entire business platform, and they couldn’t be happier.”

Baso and the team at Arvig are glad to have deployed Continuum Recover, both internally and with their clients, because it didn’t take long before they had to put the platform to the test. 

“We’ve already had scenarios where customer machines have gone down,” Baso explains. “And thanks to Continuum Recover, we were able to completely restore them.” 

When it comes to technical support, Baso appreciates having access to tools and personnel at Continuum to extend his team’s capabilities and take on clients of any size with confidence.

“We’re very impressed with Continuum,” he explains. “Having access to personnel, tools and monitoring from Continuum—whether it’s NOC technicians or frontline Help Desk staff—allows us to execute and focus on our core business priorities with ease.”

“We’ve had all of our questions answered, and if we ever need immediate assistance, Continuum is right there to walk us through it—no matter what time of day it is. We know Continuum always has our back.”

To learn more about Continuum Recover, visit: www.continuum.net/bdr

About Arvig
Established in 1950, Arvig has grown from small family-owned East Ottertail Telephone Company into one of the largest independent telecommunications and broadband providers in the nation. Over the past 65 years, the company’s leaders have been progressive risk-takers, shepherding the company’s growth by continuously reinvesting in technology and network operations. Today Arvig serves 9,000 square miles—from Moorhead to Rochester and Duluth to Marshall.




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