Lee Wagner of Computer Consultants

Lee Wagner


Computer Consultants, Inc.
St. Louis, MO



Business Challenge

Find an RMM tool that lives up to its sales claims, requires minimal setup, and enables CCI techs to focus on providing exceptional customer support.


Continuum’s prepacked RMM solution enables CCI to immediately handle more workload without increasing headcount.


CCI’s managed services business has grown substantially since implementing Continuum’s RMM solution and NOC services. And with the power of the NOC behind them, CCI can take on new clients without worrying about additional specialization and labor costs.

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“Unlike the other RMM tools we tried,Continuum’s platform is prepackaged, requires minimal setup, and saves us time.”

Switch to Continuum RMM Delivers User Experience Other Providers Only Promised

“The thing that really pushed me over the edge when we purchased other RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools was getting the same song and dance – ‘We’ll help you through this process, get you set up, and your techs won’t have to spend a lot of time configuring monitors and alerts.’ That turned out not to be the case with any of the ones we tried.”

Lee Wagner, president of Computer Consultants, Inc. (CCI) had been searching for a prepackaged product complete with in-depth data reporting that he could deploy on all of his customers’ sites. He implemented a series of solutions, including offerings from N-able, Kaseya, LabTech, and more – only to discover none of them met his expectations regarding time-saving and efficiency.As time went on, CCI was in the process of running LabTech’s RMM tool – and Lee was becoming increasingly frustrated with its constant updates. “It was just more and more time on our end and it really wasn’t cutting down our workload,” he said.

Fortunately, Lee had the opportunity to meet with Continuum representatives at the IT Nation conference. But by that point, he was cautious of migrating to yet another RMM tool that promised a quick setup and ease of use. After much consultation, Lee decided to give Continuum’s tool a chance. The decision has since proven to have a significant positive impact on CCI’s business processes and profitability.

“Had I known what Continuum was going to do with their product, I would’ve never gotten involved with LabTech,” Lee said.“Unlike the other RMM tools we tried,Continuum’s platform is prepackaged, requires minimal setup, and saves us time.”

A Long Road to Satisfaction

“Salesmen make anything sound good,” Lee said, referencing the numerous pitches he’s heard over the years promising an RMM tool that could be up and running without requiring much setup from his team. By the time he got the solutions in-house and implemented, however, the setup always proved to be more work than anticipated.

Migration to Continuum RMM - Streamlined, Fixed Cost, Comprehensive

Lee is impressed with the ticket submission process of Continuum’s Network Operations Center (NOC). “The communication with the NOC team is greatly enhanced,” Lee said. “It’s like having a whole tech division here that we can assign tasks to, and I know it’s being done right.”

By utilizing the NOC, CCI has been able to maintain a low headcount. “Plus, they can do the work overnight. We get our sleep and our clients get faster resolution of issues — many times before they’re even aware of anything.” Lee commented.

“With our first RMM tool, for instance, it turned into a real big disaster. Then we tried another one, and there was too much labor involved with setting up the monitors,” Lee said. “There’s a lot of work that needed to be done under the covers with those products. Plus, we had to maintain the infrastructure to support them.”

Lee did not see any reductions in CCI’s man-hours as a result. “They really weren’t doing anything for us. It was a waste of money,” he said. “I want my techs actually working on customers’ issues, not working on our internal processes.”

Fortitude to Move Forward

Though CCI has been in business in St. Louis, Mo. for more than 30 years, Lee still prides himself on establishing personal contact with customers and prospects by meeting with them face to face. Since bringing Continuum’s RMM tool and NOC services onboard, Lee has been able to sell and advise with more confidence than ever.

“One of the biggest benefits of having Continuum in our pocket is that when I go into a consultation, no matter what a customer needs, I don’t hesitate to say, ‘yeah we can do that.’ With Continuum there, I’m not afraid to take on anything.”

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