Jeff Dotzler


Gordon Flesch Company
Madison, Wisconsin


Business Challenge

Gordon Flesch Company was searching for the right technology partnership to help successfully build out the managed IT services branch of its business and provide world-class technical support to customers.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM, NOC, U.S.-based Help Desk and BDR offerings.


An exclusive partnership with Continuum delivers highly reliable 24x7x365 IT support to Gordon Flesch Company’s clients, along with confidence to bring on new managed IT services customers of any size.

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“We’re always looking at continuous improvement, and Continuum is a great team to work with because we’re all striving for the same things."

Gordon Flesch Company and Continuum: Partnering for 3 Years and Counting to Deliver Highly Reliable 24x7x365 IT Customer Support

For nearly 60 years, the Gordon Flesch Company has successfully provided its customers with the latest business technology to help them improve productivity. When they first began, that meant revolutionary business equipment; today, it means integrated business technology solutions that deliver proven performance backed by industry-leading service – and in 2013, the company formed an exclusive partnership with Continuum to support their growing managed IT services business.

“We have a great partnership with Continuum,” says Jeff Dotzler, Director, GFConsulting Group, a division of Gordon Flesch Company. “We don’t simply resell their product or services – we have a partnership that takes care of our mutual customers. Without Continuum, we wouldn’t be able to support this extremely fast-growing and critical part of our future.”

Gordon Flesch leverages Elite Server Care, the highest level of service available with Continuum’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. In addition to providing 24x7x365 monitoring, the service offers full problem resolution and issue remediation from Continuum’s 650+ Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians and allows staff at Gordon Flesch to manually assign tickets to Continuum for completion.

“What we provide is really a complete premium solution, and we tell our customers that they’ll have the resources they need no matter what happens,” says Dotzler. “Having Continuum’s Elite Server Care as the foundation and at the core of our offering gives us confidence that we’re delivering on that promise.”

And with Continuum absorbing day-to-day IT maintenance and resolving a wide variety of technical issues, Gordon Flesch’s in-house staff is free to focus on growing the business.

“We want our people focused on lead development, revenue-generating activities and customer relationships,” says Dotzler. “Continuum takes care of any issues that pop up and ensures that our customers are operating at peak efficiency, and the only way to have that work is to have Elite Server Care for all of our customers.”

“Good technicians are problem solvers,” he adds. “We have some folks who want to take on all of the IT issues and resolve everything themselves, but our mantra is to push everything to Continuum and the NOC – give them an opportunity to solve it remotely, so that our team can focus on things that can’t be done from a distance. Not only does it help us establish good expectations with our customers, but it helps us utilize our own resources as effectively as possible.”

The support Gordon Flesch receives from Continuum’s NOC also enables the company to bring on new clients with confidence.

“Continuum has the capabilities so I don’t even need to think about scalability – we can go out and land 300 or 400 seat accounts next week and once we’ve on-boarded them, I know and trust that Continuum has it covered,” says Dotzler. “We have a pretty significant customer base on the traditional side of our business; we’ve had conversations to make sure Continuum is comfortable with that, and they are – so it’s something that I don’t worry about. I know Continuum will handle it once the contract is in place.”

In addition to leveraging Elite Server Care, Gordon Flesch also utilizes Continuum Tech Advantage – a remote IT project management program allowing MSPs to cost-effectively expedite more than 85 desktop and server projects via Continuum’s NOC; including everything from Office 365 migrations to software installations, virtualization projects and more.

“Tech Advantage is a great resource for us – our customers can have projects completed while our team is sleeping,” Dotzler explains. “Our clients are taken care of in quick fashion, and the pricing is pretty hard to beat. We’re increasing our engagement with Tech Advantage and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.”

Gordon Flesch has also adopted Continuum Network Assessment, a scanning solution powered by RapidFire Tools which allows MSPs to scan entire IT environments to determine which devices are residing in a given network and identify potential risks and security threats. The tool is also useful for increasing customer retention, reducing costs for customers and uncovering new revenue opportunities.

“Continuum Network Assessment provides a couple of opportunities for us,” says Dotzler. “First, it gives us some insight into an organization before we start working with them, so we know what we’re getting into. It’s also a great way to show customers our capabilities in terms of what we can deliver for them, as well as demonstrate the reporting mechanisms that are in place once they begin to work with us.”

In order to get internal staff up to speed on all Continuum features and tech specs, the team at Gordon Flesch utilizes Continuum University – a self-paced interactive online learning center complete with step-by-step setup instructions, video tutorials and certification programs.

“We take advantage of Continuum University and get most of our new technicians trained on it,” says Dotzler. “Over the last year, we’ve added five new field techs and a couple of virtual CIOs – and all of them have been tasked with going through Continuum U to make sure they’ve got a solid foundational level of understanding about Continuum’s products and services.”

“I think it says a lot when a partner invests in a training tool that helps us better utilize their services,” he adds. “The better we can be at interacting with and understanding how Continuum’s portal and solutions work, the more comfortable we are offering and delivering more of those services.”

Looking back, Dotzler and the team at Gordon Flesch Company are excited about how their partnership with Continuum has evolved – and look forward to what the future holds.

“We’ve learned quite a lot now that we’ve been a partner for three years,” says Dotzler. “We’ve learned where we’re strong, where Continuum’s strong, and how we work well together. We’re always looking at continuous improvement, and Continuum is a great team to work with because we’re all striving for the same things.”

Gordon Flesch Company earned Continuum’s All-in All Star 2015 Award at Navigate, Continuum’s second annual user conference. The All-in All Star award is given to the partner who adopts the most products and services from the Continuum portfolio and has the highest total revenue across all products and services.

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