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As Karpel continued to grow and develop their managed services offerings, the company wanted to ensure it was utilizing the best available backup and disaster recovery platform in order to deliver the greatest possible service to its clients.


Continuum’s Recover platform, a fully-managed solution built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


Continuum Recover delivers greater efficiency and offers more hands on support than any other BDR platform Karpel evaluated, and today the company is able to take on new clients with confidence knowing that Continuum’s technology and personnel are in their portfolio.

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“As we continue to grow and develop our managed services, we’ve been very lucky to have Continuum by our side.”

Karpel Solutions Provides Robust Business Continuity Services Using Continuum’s Fully- Managed Continuum Recover Platform

After starting off as a software development firm in 1985, Karpel Solutions is now a business and government solutions and managed services provider that serves companies in the greater St. Louis metro area. The company prides itself on proactively solving their clients’ issues and recognizes the importance of delivering reliable support and dynamic IT solutions. Thanks to Karpel’s long-lasting partnership with Continuum, Tony Morris, Vice President of Karpel Solutions, knows his company can provide exactly that.

“Karpel entered into the IT services business about 10 years ago,” explains Morris. “As we continue to grow and develop our managed services, we’ve been very lucky to have Continuum by our side, and now we’re managing about 1,800 end users across approximately 50 clients.”

Back in 2012, Karpel began deploying Vault, a platform that marked Continuum’s entry into the disaster recovery market, to support the growing backup needs of its client base. Karpel was very happy with the platform, so when Continuum announced the launch of Continuum Recover — the company’s new fully-managed BDR platform—Morris took it as an opportunity to research other solutions within the market.

“When the announcement about Continuum Recover was made, we took a step back and started to analyze some different vendors,” says Morris. “But then we remembered why we partnered with Continuum in the first place–having access to high-end support and keeping everything under one umbrella–and decided to test Continuum Recover in-house to see for ourselves how well it works.”

It wasn’t long into the evaluation before the team at Karpel recognized the true value of Continuum Recover. With features such as 24x7x365 technical support, customizable retention points and verification of backups, Morris and his team soon realized that they found the solution that could meet both the company’s and their clients’ needs.

“The increased efficiency is far better with Continuum Recover, compared to other BDR solutions,” explains Frank Roberts, Director of Network Services at Karpel Solutions. “Specifically, the time it takes to restore a client’s file system is faster – which is very valuable because our clients rely on being back in business as quickly as possible.”

“We have just under a dozen clients on Continuum Recover now,” Morris adds. “They’re mostly new clients, although we’re committed to changing over our existing Vault clients to Continuum Recover because Continuum gives us the runway for a seamless transition.”

Continuum Recover is a powerful, fully-managed BDR platform that comes complete with hands-on support from Continuum’s 700+ Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians, which enables Karpel to deliver robust and scalable business continuity services to their clients.

“Being able to utilize the NOC and the talents they have is a big win for us,” says Morris. “On top of the full support they provide, they also take care of the day-to-day monitoring so we don’t have to babysit every backup. We’ve also been able to leverage Tech Advantage when we have a lot of time-consuming tasks we need to get done, but just don’t have the horsepower to do so.”

Overall, Karpel is very happy with their decision to adopt Continuum Recover and keep their technology within a single pane of glass.

“Our experience with Continuum Recover has been everything we’ve hoped for, and it’s become a great addition to our product portfolio,” Morris explains. “The technology is reliable, the support is fantastic, and we appreciate the ease of having all our solutions fall under one roof.”

“Working with Continuum is a true partnership,” says Morris. “They’re always willing to take our feedback, and I love that Karpel has had some ability to affect the future of the product in ways that meet our needs. Overall, it’s reassuring to know that Continuum is not just supporting our backups, but our business as a whole.”

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