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Mike Ricks


Managed IT Solutions
Melbourne, Florida



Business Challenge

Streamline inefficiencies from using multiple RMM tools. Lower RMM costs and increase profit margins


Continuum’s integrated RMM and NOC solution provides a single pane of glass to remotely monitor, manage and support customers, including remote access, patch management, and anti-virus.


Managed IT Solutions generated 80% profit margins – a 10% increase – and lowered NOC costs by 55%. Plus, Continuum’s superior end-to-end solution allowed them to keep their customers happy without hiring any more techs.

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"With Continuum, the gross profit margin on our remote monitoring and management services is 80 percent, which is nearly 10 percent higher than the previous RMM services we relied on."

Managed IT Solutions Turns to Continuum for Comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Management

Change is good, especially for Managed IT Solutions, which has changed RMM platform providers twice in the past two years. In 2012, the company switched to Level Platforms for monitoring and adopted other point solutions for remote access, patch management and anti-virus management. But in 2013 Managed IT Solutions came to Continuum for the superior advantages of a full-service RMM Platform and NOC Services that deliver all the tools Managed IT Solutions needs through a single-source solution.

All Tools Bundled Into a Single Solution

Using multiple tools to monitor client devices and apply changes proved to be inefficient for Managed IT Solutions. When system engineers received a Level Platforms alert, they would then have to switch over to other tools that Managed IT Solutions had to purchase—such as LogMeIn for remote access and an anti-virus management solution—to identify and fix the issues.

"We are simply much more efficient with the Continuum Command platform," said Mike Ricks, the Managed IT Solutions General Manager. "All the tools we need are included and conveniently accessed from a single console, making it easier for us to monitor customer devices and launch LogMeIn sessions to access servers and workstations for resolving technical issues. It is less cumbersome than using Level Platforms, where we had to bounce back-and-forth between the monitoring service and the other tools we needed for remote access, patch management and anti-virus management."

Better still, the cost of Continuum’s integrated RMM/NOC solution is less than paying for Level Platforms and the other tools separately, according to Ricks. And in researching alternative solutions, he could not find another provider that bundled all the tools into an RMM offering — including device audit and inventory, patch management, remote control, centralized administration, ticketing, scripting, and power management.

Continuum’s Command provides user-friendly functionality, ideal for MSP startups and those looking to scale

Best-Practice Default Settings with the Ability to Customize

With Level Platforms RMM product, Managed IT Solutions spent far too much time configuring and monitoring the service. Conversely, Continuum automatically provided a set of best practices and standards already enabled by default, giving the RMM team a jump-start on configurations. "At the same time, we have the flexibility to customize the service if we need to add something specific or change the monitoring for a customer site or a particular device," Ricks adds.

With this added flexibility, Managed IT Solutions can generate targeted results for specific customer devices and applications. The default monitoring capabilities also save the staff from configuring global monitoring attributes such as low disc space, Exchange database monitoring and event monitoring. "With Continuum Command, we typically only need to spend about 30 minutes per customer site," Ricks added. "We just set the service and forget it - we never have to worry about it afterwards."Easy Transition and Streamlined Internal Processes

Making the transition to Continuum’s Command platform went very smoothly. "With the LogMeIn remote-access tool, we just shot a script across to each covered device with the agent behind it," Ricks said. "We converted 200 customer workstations and 40 servers in just 72 hours."

By switching to Continuum, Managed IT Solutions’ system engineers can work more efficiently, and more effectively resolve customer issues. Monitoring processes are streamlined since Continuum does the monitoring, and manages repeat tasks such as scripting, maintenance and updates.

Another benefit lies in providing Managed IT Solutions’ customers (and their vendors) access to the Continuum portal. With granted permissions, technology vendors can provide service without involving Managed IT solutions, and customers can add devices to the service. The portal tracks all activity so Managed IT Solutions can add devices to the service. The portal tracks all activity so Managed IT Solutions can easily audit what each customer and vendor does.




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