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Business Challenge

Pensar was searching for an intelligent RMM platform and a provider who could offer greater technical, business and marketing support than their existing provider.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform.


Pensar is able to offload day-to-day tasks and IT management to Continuum’s NOC, empowering in-house technicians to focus on client relationships and business development.

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“It’s comforting to me as the owner of an MSP to know that Continuum can provide a service that will help us cope with the peaks and troughs of demand.”

The Power of Outsourcing: Pensar Leverages Continuum for Technical, Business and Marketing Expertise

London-based IT solutions provider Pensar helps businesses make the most of their IT investments by offering a number of managed technology solutions and services. The company’s goal is to take care of tech so their customers can focus on their businesses – and through their partnership with Continuum, they’re able to leverage a complete team of experts for technical, business and marketing support.

“We’re great believers in outsourcing,” says Mark Williams, CEO at Pensar. “We provide an outsourced service to our clients, and we’ll also outsource wherever we can. Good talent these days is very scarce, but we still need to fulfill client requirements; outsourcing to Continuum helps us do that.”

With technical teams at Continuum’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitoring client systems around the clock and providing monitoring, problem resolution and expertise across a number of different technology platforms and services, Pensar’s staff is able to focus on business development and account management.

“Our technicians are building client relationships as much as they’re doing actual technical work,” says Williams. “When we hire people we employ them on the basis of their interpersonal skills as much as, if not more than, their technology skills. But sometimes there are particular aspects of technology that we need help with, and it’s great to have a partner like Continuum that we can liaise with to work together and provide a client a joint solution.”

With more than 650 Continuum NOC technicians extending Pensar’s workforce, Williams knows he doesn’t have to worry about issues with scalability or responding to spikes in service requests.

“It’s comforting to me as the owner of an MSP to know that Continuum can provide a service that will help us cope with the peaks and troughs of demand,” he says.

Pensar leverages Continuum’s highly-intelligent remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, which features proprietary IntelliMon™ alerting technology and allows MSPs to easily monitor, troubleshoot and maintain desktops, servers and other endpoints. Using Elite Server Care, the highest level of RMM support offered by Continuum, technicians at Pensar are able to fully-utilise Continuum’s NOC and dedicated support teams.

“Using Elite Server Care, we’re able to offload a lot of day-to-day tasks, and there’s often specialised knowledge that we need to leverage – the Continuum team really knows their stuff.”

Pensar first discovered Continuum through their membership with HTG Peer Groups, an international community of experienced managed service providers focused on business and personal growth, execution and accountability. HTG provides peer groups, coaching and consulting and has over 400 member companies throughout North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

“Our existing RMM tool wasn’t quite working for us, and we realised that we needed more,” recalls Williams. “We needed a company that could provide live support 24x7. We looked at the market and found Continuum with the help of HTG.”

In September 2015, Continuum launched two partner-exclusive peer groups in conjunction with HTG; one geared toward business owners and the other for NOC managers. Each group meets 12 times throughout the year.

“One of the things that attracted us to Continuum in the first place was that it really seemed to be more of a partnership rather than a supplier relationship,” adds Williams. “Continuum has been very good in helping us and other members of our peer group to develop our own businesses – particularly on the marketing front.”

“It’s been absolutely invaluable to work with people at Continuum who really are MSP marketing experts,” he adds. “I’ve done MSP Radio shows, I’ve done videos, all of which have been really useful to help us develop our business. And I know that I can call upon anyone at Continuum at pretty much any time and get some really sound marketing advice which is fantastic.”

When it comes to Continuum’s solutions and service offerings, Williams appreciates the fact that the platform is fully integrated and provides valuable and actionable insights the team at Pensar can leverage when working with their customers.

“We really like the fact that Continuum offers an integrated platform,” he notes. “My techs can go onto the portal and see pretty much everything across the board that is going on with our clients, the monitoring, status reports and so forth – and it’s great not to have to switch between different systems.”

And because Continuum is a 100 percent channel-exclusive provider, Williams has nothing but confidence about the partnership and Continuum’s commitment to partner success.

“It’s about value, and the value that can be brought to an MSP’s business,” he says. “We see real value in our relationship with Continuum. They recognise that if their partners are successful, they’ll be successful.”

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