Business challenge

ZLan Partners needed to find the best available software, services, and access to technical support and expertise to power its successful business growth.


ZLan relies on Continuum’s IT management platform to ensure reliable performance and availability for its customers’ servers and data. 

  • Continuum Command provides responsive, scalable support and problem resolution with the help of Continuum NOC services
  • Continuum Recover provides comprehensive backup and rapid recovery for customers’ data


Business Impact

Continuum’s powerful combination of software and services enables ZLan to operate more efficiently, take on new clients with confidence, and better support their growing customer base.
Quality– Faster, simpler disaster recovery improves the availability of customer data
Revenue– Annual revenue has grown by an average of 30 – 35 percent year-over-year
Business– An outsourced service delivery platform helps ZLan save time and labor costs


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