Detailed RMM Features & Benefits

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Detailed features and benefits

    Detailed RMM Features

    Scripting & Configuration Center Continuum provides an extensive library of pre-created scripts you can use to help automate tasks and monitor systems. No programming is required. All scripts are deployed through an easy-to-use visual web interface. Deploy to a single machine or across multiple sites on-demand or on a scheduled basis. Use scripts to standardize user configurations across any desktop running RMM. Download application installers directly from the Internet or deploy locally to consolidate Internet bandwidth.
    Asset & Inventory Scans Scans are scheduled to run weekly to capture hardware, software, and operating system settings from users’ desktops. This data is reported back to our data center in Fremont, CA and is reported on in the ITS portal.
    Logical Disk Checks Each logical disk on the server is checked to assure there is more than 750 free megabytes always available.
    Anti-Virus Management Scheduled anti-virus installation checks and definition updates for many anti-virus applications are available. Our agents ensure that antivirus software is properly installed and verify that the latest antivirus definition files have been updated and applied.
    Microsoft Patching Configure, deploy and view all Microsoft patches security related a non-security related. Microsoft patching has become a critical and time-consuming task. While automatic updates simplify patch deployment, Continuum will test patches to ensure they are reliable before adding them to automatic deployments.
    Client Communicator The Client Communicator runs in the system tray and improves client communication and support through messaging, self-healing functions, end user ticket generation, and access to company contact information.
    Intelligent Problem Resolution Our knowledge base is continuously updated and has been built with over seven years of NOC experience. Alert remediation is optimized using rules-based anlysis to expedite the resolution of server, software, and operating systems issues.
    NOC Services technical teams support your client project We resolve alerts and tickets raised by RMM Intelligent monitoring scripts and call you by phone for critical alerts like when a server is unavailable. In addition, our team troubleshoots problems with the agent software and supported applications: Desktop Agent, Server Agent, Gateway Software, Remote Agent Deployment Tool IP Scanner and Spybot.
    Reporting Continuum also provides three Executive Reports: On-Demand Executive, Monthly Executive (short), and Monthly Executive (detailed) these help demonstrate the value of the system to your clients. You can also customize Hardware reporting using the reporting tools.
    SNMP Monitoring Unify network device management through SNMP monitoring of network devices such as printers, UPSs, firewalls, and Routers.
    Alert Generation Alerts are based on conditional monitoring configured by our service delivery managers that continuously capture, document and update the intelligent monitoring system.
    Alert Analysis For every alert that is generated, there is a knowledge base entry recommending a resolution to the issue. This limits the troubleshooting required and speeds resolution time for server alerts.


    LogMeIn Pro Access, Anti-Malware Software and PSA Integration - All Included

    For your convenience, we bundle antivirus, antispyware and LogMeIn Pro access software together with our solutions. Continuum's RMM software also includes tight two-way integration with leading PSA vendors that allows partners to assign tickets to our staff.

      Essential Server Care Preferred Server Care Elite Server Care Total Desktop Care + Help Desk
    Continuum Platform
    Server & Device Intelligent Monitoring X X X    
    Asset & Inventory Reporting X X X X X
    Scripting & Configuration Center X X X X X
    Desktop Preventive Mainenance       X X
    Client Communicator       X X
    Back Office Teams
    Product Support Team X X X
    24x7 Critical Monitoring Team X X X    
    24x7 Remote Support Team   X X    
    24x7 Service Request Team        
    Help Desk Team         X
    Third Party Integration Partners
    Anti-Spyware       X X
    PSA Integration X X X X X
    LogMeIn Pro  X X X